Kitchen Cabinets

The cost of new kitchen cabinets in a kitchen remodel is likely going to be your biggest line item. But your cabinets are your kitchen’s workhorse, keeping your food, dishware, cookware, small appliances, etc. all organized and easy to access for no matter what you happen to be preparing. Because the kitchen tends to be the gathering spot for family and guests, you want them to be attractive as well.

Fortunately, there are many different options to choose from. We work with two cabinet manufacturers, Kemper Cabinets and Woodland Cabinetry, that offer kitchen cabinets in a wide range of styles with all kinds of options for customizing to make your kitchen work well for you.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets

There are three main types of cabinets, and each serves its own purpose.

Base Cabinets

These are the lower cabinets that sit on the floor and support your countertop. They also create your kitchen island. Base cabinets may be configured with options such as stationary shelves, pull-out drawers or racks, frames to house your trash and recycling bins, lazy Susans, open fronts, organizers for pots and pans, and other features.

Tall Cabinets, also called Pantry Cabinets

These often extend from floor to ceiling and are designed to house oversized items, as well as provide amazing organization for smaller items that tend to get lost or create clutter on the shelves. If you don’t have a separate pantry in your home, tall cabinets can provide a large amount of convenient storage.

Wall Cabinets, also called Upper Cabinets

These provide convenient storage above the base cabinets that’s easily accessed while you move about in your kitchen. Features and options include shelves, appliance garages to tuck away your countertop appliances while not in use, built-in spice racks, lazy Susans, vertical dividers, open fronts, and more.

Options for Your Cabinets’ Appearance

Once you decide on the types and configuration of your kitchen cabinets, then it’s time to choose how they look.

Doors and Drawer Fronts – Cabinet doors and drawer fronts are available in full overlay, which is a sleek look that hides most of the cabinet frame, or partial overlay that is more of a traditional look that reveals some of the cabinet frame.  Options for door styles includes raised panel, recessed panel, or flat. Doors in wall cabinets might also include glass inserts to show off glassware, china, or other special contents.

Wood – Each wood species has its own color and characteristics. We have samples to allow you to see each wood available to help you choose which one would provide the look you want in your kitchen.

Finishes – Wood finishes protect your cabinets from the dirt, grime, bumps and scratches that a heavily used room tends to bring on. Finishes can also add color and style to give your kitchen a look that’s unique.

Cabinet Hardware – Knobs and pulls create the finishing touch on your cabinets. There are many metals and styles available from our vendors, Jeffrey Alexander and Top Knobs, to complement the look you have put together.

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