Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities provide support for the sinks, but they are designed for storing and organizing your everyday essentials. Hampers, grooming supplies, towels and linens, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and more can all find a home in your vanity or coordinating cabinets.

Options for the Appearance of Vanities and Other Bathroom Cabinets

Once you decide on the types and configuration of your vanity and bathroom cabinets, then it’s time to choose how they look.

Doors and Drawer Fronts

Cabinet doors and drawer fronts are available in full overlay, which is a sleek look that hides most of the cabinet frame, or partial overlay that is more of a traditional look that reveals some of the cabinet frame.  Options for door styles includes raised panel, recessed panel, or flat.


Each wood species has its own color and characteristics. We have samples to allow you to see each wood available to help you choose which would provide the look you want in your bathroom.


Wood finishes protect your cabinets from the dirt, grime, bumps and scratches that a heavily used room tends to bring on. Finishes can also add color and style to give your bathroom a look that’s unique.

  • Stains enhance the beauty of the wood grain while adding color.
  • Painted finishes add color and hide the grain completely.
  • Glazes, which can be used with stains or paint, highlight the edges and other accents on the doors.
  • Finishing techniques such as sanding the edges, distressing the finish, or adding dents and gouges can give cabinets a worn or aged appearance and unique character.

Cabinet Hardware

Knobs and pulls create the finishing touch on your cabinets. There are many metals and styles available from our vendors, Jeffrey Alexander and Top Knobs, to complement the look you have put together.

For smaller projects like carpet or window covering replacement, it’s as simple as make your selection, we give you a cost, and if you want to go ahead with it, we schedule the installation.

Vanity Tops

Vanity tops can be made from a variety of countertop materials, including natural stone, engineered stone, solid surface, and laminate. Integrated tops have the sinks molded into the countertop material or are attached at the factory. Cut-out tops have holes cut in them for the sink or sinks to drop in from the top or attach underneath.

For the backsplash, a strip of the countertop material can protect the wall above the sink. But you might want to up your design ante and explore the possibilities of tile as your backsplash that extends to the walls, shower, and tub surround. Your options really are limitless, so you can count on your designer to help guide you in the right direction to get a bathroom you will love.

To learn more about the options for vanities or vanity tops, stop by our showroom or


Happy Clients

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