Laminate Floors

Laminate floor products are made of several layers, starting with a fiberboard base covered by a photographic image to resemble wood, stone, or tile. This is then sealed with a wear-resistant transparent plastic or resin layer to make the floor durable.

Modern laminate floors have evolved since they were first developed in the late 1970s. While they often provide an affordable alternative to hard surface flooring, there are now higher end options available that are waterproof, as well as mimic high-end designer floors.

Advantages of Laminate Floors

Choosing Laminate Floors

When you are considering laminate flooring for your new home or remodel, we will ask you a number of questions to help guide your decision.

Do you think laminate flooring might be a good option for a single room or your whole house?

We can help you choose the right style so you love it when we’re done.


Happy Clients

“We were very committed many years ago to establish relationships with local suppliers to accomplish our goals. One of our most valuable relationships (that continues today) is with Dan and Phyllis at Mielke Brothers Interior Concepts. Mielke Brothers has added significantly to our success. Our company has won Builder of the Year and countless other kitchen, bath, and interior design awards. These awards are largely due to Mielke Brothers’ contributions to our homes. I’m proud to say that Mielke Brothers is an important part of our team here at Hartford Homes, Inc.”
Charlie Atwood
Founding Partner, Hartford Homes
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