Interior Design Services

If your home is starting to show its age, if your taste is nothing like that of the previous homeowners, or if you are building a home and need to choose the flooring, tile, cabinets, countertops, etc. to make your new home your own, interior design services could help you end up with the best results so you love your home.

First, it might be helpful to understand what services we do and don’t provide.

What Our Interior Design Services ARE
Interior designers look at the big picture rather than the details. We focus on the style of the foundational aspects of your home that don’t change frequently – flooring, cabinets, tile, and countertops – which allows you to complete the aesthetics around them. We can also help with space planning in kitchens, bathrooms, and unfinished or under-finished basements to help your home function better.
What Our Interior Design Services ARE NOT

Interior designers are different from interior decorators who will help you choose and place furniture or artwork to go with the rest of the room or house. We are sometimes asked to stage homes that are for sale, and while there are decorators who do that amazingly well, that isn’t something that we do, either.

We have a full staff of interior designers with years of experience and education who love to work with homeowners and are ready to take on any interior design project.

Our Process

For some people, it’s intimidating to think about working with an interior designer. But we make it pretty easy.


Visit our showroom to meet us and see our samples. We encourage you to make an appointment, so we know we have the time to spend with you.


Schedule an appointment for us to visit your home. We take photos and measurements of your project area and ask a lot of questions.


We create a general budget for your project based on the results you want and the amount you are comfortable spending.


Schedule an appointment back at the showroom where we help you choose all the components. We will help guide your selections based on your general budget and what we know works together.


We determine the final cost for your project. We will give you transparent, straightforward pricing so you know exactly what you’re paying for.


We create a timeline with milestones for getting the work done and ensure the subcontractors do quality work and stay on schedule.

For smaller projects like carpet or window covering replacement, it’s as simple as make your selection, we give you a cost, and if you want to go ahead with it, we schedule the installation.

The Value of Working with Mielke Brothers

We provide individualized attention. We encourage prospective clients to make an appointment with us to guarantee we have the time to devote to learning about them and their project. Even if you’re in the process of choosing a designer, your project will be our focus in the time we spend together.

We work within your budget. The average person has no idea what a kitchen remodel costs. (More than you think.) Once we understand what you want, we will give you a general idea of how much it will cost. If it’s outside a comfortable range, we work on compromises. Our goal is to help you get the look and function you want within the amount you want to spend.

We excel at developing design ideas for each client’s particular taste. We get to know you and understand what you like. Your style might be formal or casual; it might be contemporary or traditional. We help you define a theme, and then we work with you to build a foundation around that theme for your project.

We know what works together. We can help you make choices that will transform the space in your home that you currently dislike (or hate) into one you love.

We’re good at space planning. If your current kitchen or bathroom doesn’t work for you, we can help make it function better. Oftentimes, the base layout is fine; it’s the details that are causing the problems. Those are the easiest to fix.

We can work with your general contractor or builder. Not every design project needs one, but if yours involves a new house, moving walls in your existing house, or completing a full-on basement finish, we are happy to work with your GC or builder to ensure the finishes you select are incorporated the way you want them.

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Happy Clients

“We have built over 2,000 homes with Mielke Brothers over 20+ years. Through the years, Mielke has always kept up with the latest design trends and highest performance products. Their commitment to doing it right and making it right has never waivered. Whether you are a homebuilder or individual, Mielke will take great care of you!”
Landon Hoover
President, Hartford Homes
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