How to Boost Conversation at Your Holiday Party

Looking for a way to maximize your holiday party’s potential this year? We have some tips and tricks on how to highlight conversation and function this holiday season! 

  1. Think about having a seating arrangement for the dinner table. If you are going to be using your dining room table for your party it is good to think about who is sitting next to who. If you want to spark extra conversation, it might be good to assign seats. Sit people who do not know each other together so they can get acquainted and find something in common or seat the outgoing conversationalist next to someone shy to get them to open up. Maybe sit couples across the table from each other so they can see the person they are comfortable with while they have conversations with other friends or new people sitting beside them. 
  2. Try to avoid strong overhead lighting. Instead, go for a dimmer ambiance of table lamps and candles that will add a warmer glow. Dim lighting relaxes people and will potentially spark more conversation out of your guests since they feel more comfortable. Try to make all of the lighting match in color temperature as it will be easier on the eyes. Go for a warmer tone for light bulbs to match the warmth of the natural flame of the candles.
  3. Remove your TV from the living area. If you are having a cocktail party or an open house, guests may be inclined to turn on the TV to watch a sports game that might be happen. Moving your television into a spare bedroom for the night eliminates that possibility. In place of your TV you can decorate the space for the holidays with wreaths, candles, and decor. If you have the option you can place a large art piece in the space which may spark more conversation. 
  4. Rearrange your furniture layout. It is possible your furniture is currently set up with the television as the focal point. Move your furniture so that the sofas and chairs are facing one another instead of a focal point of the room. This way allows for a larger group to converse with more people being able to easily look at one another. There are many different ways to do this and it depends on what pieces you have. Some possibilities are facing two sofas at each other or two arm chairs facing a sofa. If you have a sectional you can add an armchair or two to the opposite side of the room from the corner of the sectional.
  5. Bonus Advice! How to subtly tell your guests it is time to leave. A lot of us have a hard time confronting people because of our fear of coming off impolite. There are friendly ways to hint that it is time for the party to end. Making a pot of coffee is a universal sign it is time to wind down and head out. Running the dishwasher and blowing out some candles are other good ways to let guests know it is time to head home after a fun holiday party. 

We hope these ideas will help you feel more prepared for your upcoming party. If we don’t see you before the new year, have a great rest of 2019 and we will see you in 2020 for all of your remodel/new construction needs! Happy Holidays! 

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